The NFL Has Completely Mismanaged The Virus

Most professional sports leagues have avoided the worst so far, and the NFL is doing everything it can to ensure its near-normal season doesn’t end abruptly.

It’s certainly not reassuring when you consider that TD leader Adam Thielen of the Minnesota Vikings has been placed on the lone list, while Buffalo Bills tight end Tommy Sweeney will be missing. on call for the rest of the season , because he suffers from myocarditis, a heart inflammation considered a side effect of COVID-19.

In Thielen’s case, the Vikings did not specify whether he had received a positive test or whether he had simply been in prolonged contact with someone who had been infected.

There are also fears of an outbreak in the Baltimore Ravens who did not train on Monday due to two positive cases among the running backs. The Ravens are set to play a crucial game on Thursday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the past two weeks, 108 tests have come back positive in the league. There had been only 146 since the start of the season.

It’s not the panic in the New York NFL offices (probably because people are telecommuting), but concern and mistrust are growing.

Less than a week after tightening its protocol against COVID-19 , the NFL added further restrictions for its teams on Monday.

All players who do not have their helmets on and are not about to jump onto the field will now be required to wear a mask on the sidelines.

Coaches who communicate the games are no longer exempt from wearing the mask, even if they wear a visor.

Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

And since the teams are responsible for enforcing these new instructions, they will also be subject to disciplinary measures (fines, loss of draft picks, etc.), if members of their team are seen with their faces uncovered on the sidelines. .

The league also wants to limit interactions on the pitch after matches. We invite everyone to return to the locker room as quickly as possible.

The new normal of the NFL has also inspired the advertising representatives of a detergent company. In a 30-second commercial, Peyton Manning is seen controlling a robot that picks up players’ jerseys, with the aim of disinfecting them so that players can trade them to each other, as they often do after games.

Restrictions for hairdressers
The NFL also restricts the number of players and attendants who travel with the team during games.

The official roster is 53 players, and up to 48 are in uniform each week.

So limiting yourself to 62 players for travel shouldn’t be too difficult for teams.

While traveling, whether by plane or bus, team personnel must wear N95 masks or equivalent.

The NFL also limits the number of people who can access home facilities.

These are 70 people for football operations and 25 who are defined as support staff . The latter cannot come into contact with football people.

Only 15 members of the media can cover the outdoor training sessions and only 5 if the session takes place indoors.

The number of specialists and external consultants is limited to five. In a memo, it is specifically about chiropractors, massage therapists and HAIRDRESSERS !!!

In short, the protocol of the NFL is cast wider and wider.

Steve is the lead writer for Jets Nation.  An avid football fan, Steve enjoys digging deep to find the story behind the numbers.  Steve has preciously contributed to SB Nation and Medium.

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