Early Season Impressions

You can point to several to several plays or series of plays as to why the Jets failed to make it to the promised land yesterday. The goal line play calling by Schottenheimer, poor tackling, or even the headset malfunction. Truth is that all of those items could happen every game and we still could have won.

The game was won because Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau out-prepared the defensive coaching tandem of Mike Pettine and Rex Ryan.

No two ways about it. The Jets were not prepared to handle what Big Ben and company had in store in the first half. The Steelers took the first drive 66 yards and chewed up over nine minutes on the clock. The Jets D was huffing and puffing the rest of the half.

It wasn’t that the Steelers were better talent wise as was displayed in the second half. The Jets shut out Pittsburgh after making the proper adjustments. They were just one half too late.

Say what you want about missed tackles, but you can’t expect a linebacker going one on one against Mendenhall to be successful every time. You need team defense to stop the run. Many times Jets linebackers had him in their grasp but no one was their to help finish the tackle.

This was no doubt a battle between the two best teams in the league. I would be surprised if the Packers have anything to deal with the Steelers well rounded attack. But we are left to wonder what if from now until the team arrives at training camp next year.

Dave is a contributor to Jets Nation.  When he’s not busy with writing, Dave works as a welder in Upstate New York.

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