Does Brady think the Jets are over-rated?

Apparently you can include Tom Brady in the group that thinks the post bye week performances which have led to a 4 – 1 record show that the Jets are not yet a dominant team that is ready to distribute Super Bowl rings.

Brady was overheard talking with a beat reporter at Gillette stadium saying that the Jets had trouble with the Browns and the Dolphins while the Patriots had no trouble disposing of those teams.

The Jets beat the Dolphins and Lions 26-20 and 31-23 respectively while the Pats beat the Lions 45-24 last week and beat the Dolphins 41-14 back in October.

In addition he noted that the last four victories following the loss to Green Bay they have only squeaked by teams with losing records including the Lions, Bengals and Browns.

Brady didn’t mention the beating the Pats took at the hands of the Jets back on September 9th….

Steve is the lead writer for Jets Nation.  An avid football fan, Steve enjoys digging deep to find the story behind the numbers.  Steve has preciously contributed to SB Nation and Medium.

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