Adam Gase says Jets coaches were slow to overcome loss to Raiders

New York Jets coach Adam Gase was so “upset” by the last-second loss to the Las Vegas Raiders last Sunday that neither he nor his coaches could get over it quickly and they fell into “depression. ”.

Gase called the loss one of the most difficult of his career, admitting that it has been difficult to overcome and that it has made it difficult for him to comply with the 24-hour rule, an unwritten rule among coaches to leave bad game behind.

“At the beginning of my career, I heard that for seven years: You have 24 hours to get over it,” Gase said. “The only other time I’ve been involved in a loss like this was at the end of a playoff game, so I can be mad as long as I want, because nobody cares.

“It’s hard. Our players will do a good job and respond in the right way. As coaches, we have to do the same ”.

For his part, Gase responded to the 31-28 loss with the firing of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who decided to send a full load pack to protect a four-point lead. The unnecessary putting resulted in disaster: a 46-yard touchdown reception by Henry Ruggs III with five seconds to play.

Gase didn’t call meetings Monday or Tuesday because, he said, he wanted him to give his players time and space to overcome the loss, which put the Jets 0-12.

“Having virtual meetings is probably the most annoying, because our players help coaches to get out of depression, because they arrive with the necessary energy to work. That helps more than anything, ”Gase insisted.

“I was angry,” insisted the coach. “I felt that our players had done what it took to win.”

Gase did not mention Williams’ name, but it was a clear reference to his former defensive boss, whose decision to push in that situation has been criticized in the NFL world. On Monday, Gase regretted not asking for a time out to discuss the decision.

Center Connor McGovern said that while the loss was hard to digest on Sunday night and a bit more on Monday, the team was ready to get over it. “Once you see the video, you move on,” McGovern noted.

The Jets will try to bounce back from the bitter pill on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks (8-4).

Dave is a contributor to Jets Nation.  When he’s not busy with writing, Dave works as a welder in Upstate New York.

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